Ocean Front Cabins were established in the early 1920s. When first opened, there were both cottages and tent houses available and the road to get to Oceanside was nothing but dirt and wood planks.  In 1943, there were 40 cabins and they were called Kirk’s Motel.

Through the years, there have been many changes to Oceanside. The cabins have changed, as well. One key difference is that there are now only six cabins.  Their numbers are #17 – #22…a reflection of days gone by.  When looking at the surrounding hillside, you can still spot homes that were, formerly, part of Kirk’s.

In fact, all of Oceanside is like a step back in time.  There are no shops or large commercial buildings, just a restaurant, tavern, post office, a few motels and bed & breakfasts and a coffeehouse. What Oceanside lacks in modern facilities, it more than makes up for in the lack of crowds, and the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery.