Beautiful location, great cabin, great customer service!!

This is a test post, but it is also a real post about the weekend my partner, Beth, and I had at Ocean Front Cabins, with our Min Pin, Eddy.

We got there just around dusk on Friday and left at noon, Sunday, 2/1, but we had such a nice relaxing short weekend, with the ocean roar for our background, and salty ocean air in our lungs.  Cabin #18 has two bedrooms, so we used one as sort of a dressing room.  The cabin itself is pretty soundproof, though you can still hear the surf, with the windows closed.

Saturday, we got up early, but then had a leisurely morning at the cabin, making breakfast, listening to the surf with windows open, walking Eddy down to the beach and around the teeny town of Oceanside.  We opted to go check out Cape Meares, hoping to park at a trailhead and then hike down to the beach.

Eddy loves to be in the forest, and especially a new forest.  We got about 25 mins. down the trail, when it seemed to get more slippery and a bit steeper (maybe that was my imagination, because Eddy and Beth didn’t think so).  I said that I wasn’t determined to go all the way to the Cape Meares Beach, since we had our own to explore later in the day.

So, we hiked back up to the trailhead, and decided to check out the short trail to the Big Spruce.  Then, we went down to the lighthouse and the Octopus Tree.  Some very majestic views down to the Beaches and over to the Cliffs!

Will continue in another post…testing…testing…Is this thing on??

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